US Political Policy

Last updated: April 2024

Beeswax supports responsible political advertising and expects all political advertisements to adhere to the relevant local requirements. Beeswax has different requirements for different regions, as set out below. This includes compliance with relevant campaign and election laws, including compliance with electoral “silence periods” where they apply.

Advertisers and agencies using the Beeswax platform are required to comply with the policies below and local legal requirements in the countries in which they are advertising. Beeswax does NOT permit advertising in jurisdictions other than those listed below. If you would like to carry out political advertising in jurisdictions outside of those listed below, please contact your client relationship manager.

United States

Beeswax permits political ads (relating to elections, ballot initiatives, political candidates and ads intended to raise awareness on certain political or social issues) in the United States. Political ads must comply with all applicable laws, including without limitation all federal election laws, US FEC regulations, and (where applicable) state or local laws and regulations, including obligations with respect to ensuring required sponsorship identification disclosures, any required disclosures regarding the source of the funding for the political ads, the use of artificial intelligence or other synthetic media, and all requirements for maintaining and reporting information concerning the ads. Political ads must also comply with the National Advertising Initiative (NAI) Code of Conduct provisions dealing with such ads. All such compliance is the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

Without Beeswax’s prior written consent, Beeswax prohibits political ads for candidates for state or local elections and/or ballot measures in Washington State. Beeswax may, from time to time, add other states, territories, or other jurisdictions to its list of states where political ads will not be accepted with express permission. All political advertisers in certain states, as designated by Beeswax from time to time, must complete the Beeswax Smartsheet disclosure of Political Campaign Information. Beeswax reserves the right to request additional information as it believes necessary, in its sole discretion.

Beeswax prohibits any political ads in the United States if the advertiser is not located in the United States, or if the funding for such ads comes in whole or in part from sources outside of the United States.

All political ads must contain a clear and conspicuous “Paid for by” disclosure identifying who paid for the communication, whether it was authorized by a candidate or organization, and any additional information required by local regulations. Unauthorized candidate or third-party ads must also include contact information for the sponsoring organization within the ad or landing page content, and such other disclosures as required by the laws of the state in which the election addressed by the ad will be held or where any issue addressed by the ad arises.

All political ads must be categorized as “Politics,” “Political (Elections),” or such other Political Category designated within the Beeswax platform. Ads categorized this way automatically display the DAA Political Ad icon where technically possible, will result in collection of data for compliance with the DAA’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Political Advertising, and clicking the icon will show the supplied information to the user seeing the ad.

Beeswax may update these political advertising guidelines from time to time based on changes in law, compliance requirements, industry best practices, and/or any specific restrictions or obligations imposed by inventory holders.