The BaaS

Combine best-in-breed solutions from across the programmatic ecosystem with your proprietary data, algorithms, and strategies into a seamless whole.

How Does It Work?

Single tenant architecture: Like a honeycomb, the BaaS platform is divided into secure cells. With each customer's bidder deployed in their own cloud instance, you truly own every aspect of your programmatic strategy and execution.

Customize your BaaS platform based on the unique needs of your business.

Standard DSP Capabilities

Get all the functionality of a leading DSP from Day 1.

Access to the Programmatic Ecosystem

Select your choice of partners to ensure you have the tools, inventory, and data you need to be successful.

Extensible APIs

Customize and automate your workflow or fully customize your bidding strategies with our industry-leading APIs.


REST APIs for campaign management and reporting

Customize your workflows, dashboards, and more with Buzz, the industry's most comprehensive REST API -- built to empower your team.

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An extensible bidder

Write your own algorithms, add your own targeting, and bring secure first-party data in real time without having to worry about the basics -- from frequency caps to budgeting, Stinger has you covered.

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Custom Optimization

(Bring Your Own Algorithm)

Standard Strategies

Everything you’d get from a traditional DSP from Day 1


Base bid multipliers to replace line items


Code-level control over your Optimization


A Suite of Transaction-Level Insights & Data

SQL Interface

Quickly get your log data in Snowflake for analysis and action without time-consuming ETL

Raw Logs &
Data Streams

Your own BaaS instance gives you access beyond just win/loss logs to build models and get better results

Embedded Data Viz
w/ MetamarketsTM

Get real time reporting and dashboards to make smarter marketing decisions more quickly

SaaS Pricing Model

Pay a monthly, flat SaaS fee, starting at $10K per month.